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Now Is The Perfect Time To Pay Attention To Your Gutters

As an essential fixture of your home, your gutters and their maintenance should be a year-round priority. Now that summer is coming to a close, your gutters need some extra care and attention! At Gutterworks, we have seen it all, and we are listing five reasons why NOW is the perfect time to pay attention to your gutters!

1) Rain Storms and Debris

You may not experience as many storms in the summertime as in the spring or winter, but when it rains in the summer, it RAINS. The combination of summer dryness contributing to leaves dropping into your gutter and the heavy rain associated with a rarer summer storm means that water damage can occur quickly in the summertime. Just envision a lot of rain in a little bit of time. The strength of a good summer storm also creates the possibility that water sweeps debris into your gutters, blocking the intended path of rainwater. Summer storm debris may motivate you to consider installing gutter guards. Our gutter guards utilize micro-perforation technology designed to prevent leaves from entering your gutter while allowing water to flow without blockage.

2) Bird Nests and Other Blockages

In the spring, the sunshine and warmth emerge. Unfortunately, so do animals, including birds. Birds consider your gutters an excellent location for building their nests, and by the summertime, they’ve established their roosts. While convenient for birds, this arrangement is not so prime for the health of your gutters or home. Bird nests can clog your gutters, diverting rainwater from its correct path and causing damage to your roof and other parts of your home. Blockages weigh gutters down, causing them to sag and create overflow. Birds and other wild animals can carry disease. The closer they live to your dwelling, the higher chance of risk to you or your family. Regardless of the issue, a good end-of-summer cleanout removes bird nests and other blockages from your gutters.

3) Preparations for Fall Leaves

As the summer drags on, one thing is for certain: fall leaves are coming. In the summertime, homeowners must make sure that their gutters function in tip-top condition to withstand the stress later put on them by fall leaves. Saggy, loose gutters risk water damage to a home, and the added potential of more weight from fall leaves increases any risk even more. Utilize the summertime to prepare for the fall leaf dump.

4) Assess Winter Damage to Gutters

Winter in our region can be rough on homes, and gutters are no exception to that rule. Ice and snow are heavy and can cause gutters to become loose, causing them to sag/pull away from your house. Add in the weight of any leftover fall leaves/debris, and you could incur costly damage during the winter and spring seasons. When the snow melts and spring rain subsides, it’s time to assess the damage.

Here is a short checklist to tell if your gutters have taken on any damage:

Summer is the best time to check on things without fear of the next snow or stretch of rain interrupting your process. Checking your gutters and assessing damage alone can be difficult, but don't worry, our team is here to help! Gutterworks has a team of expert professionals who can help you determine the best course of action for fixing or replacing your gutters.

5) Better Weather

Speaking of weather, it makes sense that the summertime is always buzzing with outdoor activities. It’s just easier to get things done in the milder, drier weather of summer. The ideal conditions make it a perfect time to get some work done on your gutters, especially if you’re looking at lots of damage from a rough winter or spring. Inclement weather makes performing maintenance on gutters exponentially more difficult and dangerous, so summer is a safer bet when it comes to making sure things can get done.

Now that you know what to look for, where should you focus first? Cleaning out your gutters, routine maintenance, or scheduling an inspection are the few first steps. You can also think about installing gutter guards to make keeping up with gutter debris less of a hassle. No matter the job, Gutterworks will work with you to get your residential or commercial gutters ready for the fall & winter!

Don't let your gutters get any worse! Call us at 304.848.9870 or email us at to get a FREE estimate today! Trust the gutter experts that roofing companies go to.


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