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Gutter Guards 101: Everything You Need to Know

What kind of gutter guard is right for you? Find all the information you need to know below:

If you live near trees, there are few things more stressful than when it rains, and you realize: it’s time to clean out the gutters. It’s hard work, and you may even be risking injury if your home’s gutters are high or hard to reach. The good news is that Gutterworks has got your back and performs gutter cleaning services in addition to our other offerings. But how do you figure out how to avoid fighting the gutter-cleaning battle so often? The answer: gutter guards. One of the best ways to upgrade your home gutter system is to add gutter guards to your gutters. They shield your home against unwanted water damage, and they could even add value to the structure itself! Why are gutter guards so helpful, though? What kind of gutter guard is right for you? Find all the information you need to know below:

Why gutter guards?

Gutter guards can give you one of the biggest returns on investment there is when it comes to home exterior upgrades! Compared to installing all-new gutters, gutter guards are a small investment and prevent costly repairs down the road. Gutter guards help your gutters do their job – routing water away from your home. Gutter guards do exactly what they sound like: they guard your gutter against leaves and other debris that might end up inside and cause the gutter to become clogged.

When gutters do get clogged, your home is at risk on multiple fronts: water can damage your home’s exterior, its foundation, basements, and even landscaping if a gutter is compromised. With gutter guards, your gutters remain clear and function properly, and you remain protected from expensive unexpected water damage costs. For reference, Home Advisor cites water damage to a basement as anywhere from $500-$85,000!

What kind of gutter guards is right for my home?

The options for gutter guards can be overwhelming – there seem to be a lot of choices! At Gutterworks, we can answer any questions you may have about different guards, so contact us if you need help. Here’s a brief description of the types of gutter guards we install, and which ones we think are the best.

One of the most common and relatively effective gutter guards is the screen guard. A screen guard is exactly how it sounds! It is a screen that is installed over your gutter to allow water to pass but catch large pieces of debris before they can clog the gutter. They are somewhat easy to clean because they don’t have to be removed entirely like cheaper guards sold at hardware stores. They also last much longer than the two years or so that the budget hardware store guards might last.

The major drawback of the screen guard is that while the screen prevents most debris from entering the gutter, it won’t catch the finest particles. Seeds, tree needles, and shingle particles can get stuck or pass through the screen, making the barrier less than perfect and more challenging to clear. Contact us today to get a screen guard on your gutters.

The best type of gutter guard, and the one we recommend at Gutterworks, is a lot like the screen gutter guard but has even more protection against the finest particles clogging your gutters. GutterRx guards are the best in current gutter guard technology out there, which is why we recommend them at Gutterworks. The micro-mesh technology is made from American-made aluminum. The 98% recycled aluminum material is much more durable than typical screen guards because they’re built to last for a long time. GutterRx guards can be installed on any type of home, on any type of gutter – new or existing.

Installing these gutter guards enhances your home’s appearance and value (you can’t even see them from the ground!) and is a fool-proof way to protect that value for an extended time. These gutter guards don’t interfere with your roof at all - they have a front and rear attachment directly to your gutters. It effectively keeps debris out, and the guards can withstand 14+ inches of rain per hour. Finally, GutterRx guards have a patented self-cleaning design, which means they very rarely require maintenance (and maintenance is easy when they need it.)

How can I get these gutter guards?

At Gutterworks, we stand behind the quality of our gutter guards and our professional technicians who install them. Our preferred gutter guards are the latest in micro-technology and are the best option you have for leaf and debris protection, so you can keep water from getting where it shouldn’t. Call us today at 304-848-9870 or visit today to learn more about our guards and installation!


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