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New Year, New Roof: 9 resolutions for a happier, healthier roof in 2022

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

2022 brings a chance to get your home in tip-top shape, and your roof is no exception. We at Gutterworks have some tips for ensuring that your roof is in its best condition next year. Let’s guarantee that 2022 is a stress-free year for your roof and gutter system, and keep unexpected expenses away by properly planning for how you’ll care for your roof and gutters this year. Here are our 9 resolutions for a happier, healthier roof in 2022!

1) Know your roof

In order to maintain your roof, you should be able to answer several key questions about it. How old is your roof? What materials is it made from? What is the square footage? Are there any problem areas you’ve already identified? Knowing the answers to these questions helps prevent any surprises from popping up. These are also questions that a professional might ask if they were to be tasked with servicing your roof.

2) Clear debris from the roof

Doing the work now will almost always save you from even more cumbersome work later. Make sure your roof and gutters are free from debris now so you can prevent leaks and damage later.

3) Trim trees

Tree branches can be a big culprit of roof and gutter strife, so make sure they’re trimmed safely away from your roof all year long. Next fall, you might save yourself from having to clear off unwanted leaves and debris that a tree might have dropped.

4) Make repairs right away

Make repairs as soon as you notice there is an issue! A minor leak is much less costly to fix than the major leak it will likely become, and interior damage to your home, including mold, can get out of control very quickly.

5) Don’t neglect your attic and insulation

When most people think about roof care and repair, they don’t think about how their attic and insulation affects the health of their roof. Heat rises, so an attic with poor insulation releases heat through your home’s roof. This is a problem for multiple reasons. First, losing heat in the winter can cost a pretty penny to compensate for. Second, heat escaping through your roof may partially melt any snow at rest on your roof. Partially melting snow can cause major problems with ice dams and other winter roof woes. Take steps to avoid this by properly insulating your attic now!

6) Check on your flashing

The flashing on your roof is there to protect a vulnerable seam between two different areas of your roof. Think: where your chimney meets your rooftop. Flashing prevents roof leaks, and it’s important to make sure your flashing is in good shape. Things to look for include loose flashing pieces, visible holes, or indications that there’s a leak at a seam protected by flashing.

7) Check your roof after weather events

Your roof experiences the most stress during major weather events: think of windy storms with heavy rain, heavy snows, ice storms, and other extreme weather. Look for issues following a big storm that could have caused them. Calling a professional like Gutterworks to inspect your roof after a particularly harsh weather event is also a reasonable measure you can take to catch potential issues early.

8) Schedule regular maintenance

Regular roof maintenance can add years to its life. Your roof is a costly component of your home, and you want to get as much life as you can out of it! Just like a car tune-up, your roof benefits from routine maintenance. As part of your maintenance, have a professional complete regular inspections, especially if your roof is nearing old age.

9) Commit to a new roof

There is some roof damage that cannot be remedied by a simple repair but requires a bigger overhaul. Sometimes, roofs are so old that no matter what repair or maintenance is performed, the house simply needs a new roof. Deciding to undergo the expense of a new roof is never easy, but the stress can be lightened if the determination is made in advance and it’s not a surprise.

Planning ahead can allow you to remove some of the burden – financial and stress – for yourself down the road. At Gutterworks, we will give you an honest assessment of where you stand with your roof and/or gutter system. Call us today at (304)848-9870 if you need a professional opinion or help with some of your roof resolutions for 2022!


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