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5 Things To Check Off Your Roof Winterization List

As the fall comes to an end, we know that winter is coming. You can prepare now by winterizing your roof this fall! Minor problems in the fall can spiral into major issues when winter’s snow and ice arrive. The best way to prevent replacing your entire roof is to get a handle on smaller issues as they arise. Sometimes, you need help finding those problems, and the expert roofers at Gutterworks can help! Here are some things to do to winterize your roof for the harsher weather on the way.

Look for visible damage... inside and out

The most telltale signs that you have a vulnerable roof are can be completely visible to the naked eye! From inside your home, check your attic and ceilings for water damage or discoloration. Any water damage shows complications from either a leaky roof or the former presence of an ice dam. From the exterior of a home, missing, broken, or discolored shingles are all clear indicators of roof integrity issues. Sometimes, it can be impossible to see some roof issues unless you are up close and personal, so as winter approaches, you will need to get a closer look at your roof by going onto it to check for moisture or hard-to-see damage. This job is best left to a professional, and Gutterworks is equipped to give your roof a “check-up” approaching the winter, so give us a call!

Clear your gutters

When winter weather shows up, so can ice dams and snow accumulation. To be prepared, your gutters must be clear of any debris whatsoever. An obstructed gutter prevents proper water runoff, and freezing water or snow collecting in a gutter is dangerous in the winter. Ice dams form, and snow accumulates. The weight of this accumulation places a strain on your gutter system. That strain could cause your gutters to sag or even detach from your roof.

Clear large branches away from your home

Clearing away branches accomplishes a few goals in preparation for winter. First, it prevents hibernating pests like squirrels from accessing your roof (and then possibly your home!) in the colder weather. Also, clearing branches eliminates the risk that inclement weather causes those branches to damage your roof. Branches can no longer scrape your shingles or fall onto your roof, causing even more damage. Finally, the risk of leaves accumulating and the risk of moss growth are eliminated.

Check the ventilation

Ensure that your roof's ventilation sites are open and clear of any obstruction and that air can move freely. A roof needs ventilation in the winter to create a temperature equilibrium. Without proper ventilation, an attic can get too warm and dry. An attic under these conditions poses a few problems: first, warm and dry conditions are prime for mold and unwanted “guests” in your attic. Second, heat rising to the ceiling causes snow and ice on your roof to melt and refreeze, starting a cycle for ice dams to form.

Plan ahead

If you can anticipate that heavy snow is risky for your roof, you should formulate a plan to combat those issues. If you have experienced previous winters in which your home sustained damage, reflect and communicate those issues to experienced roofers to prepare for any inclement weather this winter. Having an action plan will prevent any damage from getting out of control because an organized approach allows for a more efficient fix. You should put some thought into logistics in advance. These logistics include how professionals will gain access to the roof, how they will avoid invisible (covered in snow) roof hazards, and how they can assess equipment needs.

Professional roofers like those at Gutterworks will always give you a straight answer about your roofing needs as we get ready for winter. Repairs may be in order, or installation of a whole new roof might be necessary. Gutterworks is here for your winterizing needs when it comes to your roof or gutter system this winter. Give us a call at 304.848.9870. We would love to help you get ready for winter.

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