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7 Signs Your Gutters Were Installed Incorrectly

Most homeowners don’t have what you would call an “expertise” in gutter installation. A licensed, skilled installer like Gutterworks is essential when it comes to proper gutter and downspout installation. If someone installs your gutter system incorrectly, you want to know before any costly damages occur! That’s why we are offering seven ways to tell if your gutters were installed incorrectly.

1) Not enough downspouts:

If you notice that you have water pooling or your gutters overflow during heavy rain, you may have an issue with the number of downspouts that your gutter installer chose to include in your gutter system. Downspouts are the channel taking water from your gutters to the ground in a safe way. With too few downspouts, water can’t reach the ground efficiently. A general rule is to install downspouts at about every 30 or 40 feet, but other considerations are at play when considering how many downspouts a home needs. A larger roof area, a steeper roof slope, small gutters, and a wetter climate would all increase the metric for the number of downspouts that a gutter system requires to function optimally.

2) Your gutters are placed on top of your roof’s drip edge:

An experienced installer knows to place gutters under the drip edge of a roof, so that water can’t reach the fascia of your home. The wood fascia holds your gutter system to the structure. Water coming off your roof should flow down the drip edge and into the gutter. Therefore, an installer should always place gutters behind or “under” the drip edge so that no water can seep behind the gutter.

3) Your gutters are too small

If your installer chose gutters too small for your home, you will also see water pooling and overflow occurring. The larger your gutters, the more water flow they can support. Gutterworks’ professionals can assess what size gutters your home needs based on technical data like roof pitch and surface area.

4) Your gutter pitch is off

Gutter pitch is just as important, if not more important, than the gutter size itself. The “pitch” represents the angle your gutters hang to allow for efficient water drainage. A too-shallow pitch causes water to stand and pool. A too-steep roof pitch encourages rainwater to flow too fast, and this creates an overflow issue. Neither is ideal, but our specially trained professionals at Gutterworks know how to determine the best pitch for gutters.

5) There are too many seams

The seams of gutters occur where two sections of a gutter system meet. They are the most vulnerable points when it comes to possible leaks and sagging. Before the 1960s, gutter systems contained lots of seams. Since there were more seams, there were more vulnerable areas along the length of the gutter system. The very best gutter installations, and the ones we endorse at Gutterworks, are “seamless.” These gutters are cut to length on-site, ensuring that your system contains minimal seams (they still must be technically seamed together on the corners of a roof). Even if your gutters are “seamless,” a professional must install any inevitable seams.

6) Damage to aluminum gutters

Gutters are very fragile! They are composed of aluminum mostly, which can be damaged very easily. Simply dropping part of the gutter materials is a deal-breaker. An installer who sloppily drops or otherwise damages gutter segments pre-installation must replace the dented or warped gutter entirely to ensure that the installation doesn’t leave your home vulnerable to water damage. A Gutterworks installation guarantees our attention to detail and capable hands preventing any issues.

7) Gutter hangers are not spaced correctly

Finally, installers hang gutters with “hangers.” These hangers must be spaced appropriately for the gutters to cling properly to the structure. If the hangers are too far apart, gutters sag after heavy rain or snow and can pull away from the roof because they don’t have enough support. Water may also pool.

Ultimately, you want to be able to trust those installing your gutter system. A new system is an investment into your home! You can trust Gutterworks and our skilled and licensed technicians to do the job properly. Email us today at if you have any questions about your gutters!


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