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Summer Timeline for your Gutter Maintenance

Summer is here and at Gutterworks, we’re excited to get to work making sure your gutters are in tip-top shape! Spring weather was crazy this year and it really took its toll on the gutters in our area. Our team members will be busy as we move into summer with gutter repair, replacement, and maintenance. We know better than anyone that staying busy preventing problems pays off big in the future: a gutter system’s lifetime depends on its owner taking good care of it!

How can you tackle your summer gutter maintenance this year? Here is a timeline you should follow.

Step 1: Clean Your Gutters

This year’s spring storms have likely allowed a significant amount of pollen and other debris to build up inside your gutters – remember those pretty spring flowers that have since given way to leaves? They can fall directly into your gutters from the tallest trees. When summer really gets started, it’s time to clear those items out of your gutters and make sure the water that falls on your roof has a clear path to the ground. Pop-up summer storms can dump a large volume of water on your roof in a short period of time, so make sure your gutters are well equipped to handle that.

When you finish cleaning the interior of your gutters, tackle the exterior. While you remove any debris stuck to the outside, look for rust, corrosion, or cracks that might compromise your gutters’ life expectancy. If your gutters are particularly grimy with moss, algae, or mold, it’s a result of moisture on the gutters’ exterior. That moisture likely comes from a consistent flow of water over the side of your gutter, which can indicate clogging or even a leaky seam in your gutter. A Gutterworks expert can help you assess the cause and prevent the issue in the future.

Step 2: Get a Gutter Inspection

A quality gutter inspection by Gutterworks can catch issues with your gutter system before they become bigger problems. Our inspectors can find flaws that a homeowner might not be able to identify on their own, so an expert is especially valuable. When we inspect gutters, we look for any sign that water is not being routed far enough away from your house. We look for cracked or broken gutters, faulty gutter seams, and issues with downspout connectivity.

We also look for tell-tale signs that gutters were not initially installed correctly. One of the major causes of a faulty gutter system is that the system was never installed correctly in the first place! Homeowners might not be aware of the nuances of gutter installation, so they may not know what to look for. Gutters should be mounted at specific angles and in specific patterns in order to optimally function. If your roof is 1000 square feet, one inch of rain sends more than SIX HUNDRED gallons of water down your roof and through your gutters.

Step 3: Make Well-advised Repairs

Consistent repair jobs on your home are a fact of homeownership. There is always a project to do and an improvement to be made. When deciding which projects deserve priority, talk to an expert! Your gutter inspection will yield recommendations for how to maintain or improve your gutters. Gutterworks experts are practical when it comes to discussing the most reasonable and financially intelligent repairs and upgrades that homeowners should pursue. Don’t take these decisions lightly! Your gutters are responsible for protecting your whole home, so they should be protected accordingly.

Step 4: Install Gutter Guards

When it comes to gutters, some of the most preventable problems for homeowners are problems that could be avoided with a quality set of gutter guards. The summertime is a dry, warm time of year to select and install gutter guards, so don’t waste any time doing so! Protect your gutters now before you have to worry about any fall leaves causing clogs and other issues.

Gutter guards will not prevent leaves from collecting on top of the guards, but a quick swipe with a simple gutter brush can clear that debris right off. Our recommended gutter guards have micro-perforations that allow very little debris to reach the inside of your gutter, so cleaning and maintenance are minor and your gutters can route water without the worry of getting clogged.

Step 5: Relax

Once you’ve knocked out your summer maintenance for your gutters, sit back and relax, enjoying the stress-free feeling that comes from not having to worry about gutter projects until fall and beyond. Let Gutterworks help you rest easy knowing you’ve made responsible choices to protect the integrity of not only your gutter system but also your home’s foundation. We can take the lead on the tough stuff! Give us a call at (304) 848-9870 so we can schedule your inspection and make a plan to take the worry out of your gutter maintenance this season.


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