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Spring Gutter Maintenance: How to Start Spring on the Right Foot

While we may be thankful that spring weather is right around the corner, early spring brings spring cleaning. The exterior of your home is no exception to the need for spring cleaning. In fact, early spring (along with early fall) is the best time to take care of routine cleaning and maintenance on your home’s gutters. Here is why:

1) The weather is much less prohibitive

The barriers to outdoor maintenance you had during the winter months melt away once spring starts. Take advantage of more pleasant and less dangerous conditions when the weather gets milder.

2) It is time to assess the effects of winter

After potentially damaging winter weather, you will need to check on your gutter status. Look to see if your gutters are still attached securely to your home, and keep an eye out for any leaks or holes. Winter ice, snow, and general moisture can wreak havoc on your gutters. Even if the damage is subtle, catching and repairing it right away will prevent any more expensive issues from striking.

3) You will be able to see any issues up-close

Chances are, you are not getting up to your gutters or roof on a ladder in the harsh weather of winter. When you are limited to looking at your gutters from the ground, you cannot fully assess their condition. In the spring, you can finally get a closer look to inspect for any existing issues.

4) You need to address any temporary fixes from over the winter

If you experienced any gutter or roofing problems when the weather restricted your ability to address them, you should address them as soon as conditions allow. For example, if you used foam gutter guards as a quick fix for preventing gutter clogs last fall, now is the time to remove them and look for a more permanent solution. At Gutterworks, we recommend GutterRx for optimum protection against future clogs and a more low-maintenance approach toward gutter health.

5) Clogged gutters could harbor plant life

If your gutters are clogged, they will collect moisture. After winter freezes melt away and spring rains come, that moisture could fester inside your gutters, allowing for plant or mold growth. You should take special precautions to prevent mold growth anywhere near your home, as mold affects air quality and is difficult to get rid of once it takes hold.

6) Other pests also become more active

Birds become a big concern for your gutters as spring takes hold. Birds love to build nests in gutters – especially dirty ones. Installing gutter guards before nesting can prevent pests from taking up residence in your home’s gutters, and spring is the perfect time for it!

7) Spring weather has the highest chance of heavy rain and storms

Spring is notorious for extreme weather, including storms that bring the famous “April showers.” Heavy rain is bad news for unprepared or faulty gutters. When gutters are clogged or damaged, your whole home is vulnerable to damage, especially your foundation.

8) The housing market is about to get hotter!

Spring is a prime time for people looking to relocate. If you are thinking of selling your home soon, pay attention! Your gutter system is a highly visible feature of your home, and you should make sure it is in flawless condition before listing your house. Sagging gutters could be detrimental to your curb appeal, and going the extra mile with a good cleaning or even gutter replacement could be all it takes to ensure a bidding war over your listing.

When you clean out your gutters in the spring, make sure you take the opportunity to fully inspect them. Check for clogs or leaks, and look to see if the gutters are well-secured to your home. Ensuring your gutter system is in tip-top condition can be daunting, but that is where Gutterworks comes in! We can help with a good spring cleaning and inspection. We know what to look for and can make easy fixes now for damage that could lead to expensive repairs down the road. Contact us today at (304) 848-9870 to see how we can help prep your gutters for spring.


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