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Fatherly Fix-It Yourself Tips From Gutterworks

On this Father’s Day, we want to recognize the life lessons we’ve learned over the years from our dads. Gutterworks is a family-owned company, and as a father, I know how important it is to teach my children the valuable home improvement lessons that my father taught me. Even in the days of YouTube Do-It-Yourselfers, nothing can replace life advice from good old Dad. Rob Kenney, a proud dad, and YouTuber, even doles out advice and Dad Jokes on his “Dad How Do I?” YouTube channel.

As we grow up, our dads might teach us everything from how to change a lightbulb to grilling the perfect steak. In this blog, we’re going to commemorate some of the most valuable lessons we learn from our dads about home improvement... and life in general.

1.) Power tools

When you’re a dad, you know that there’s a tool for everything. It’s almost as if dads spend their entire “career” as a father collecting different types of wrenches or power saws. Dads know their tools, and they’re experts at passing along their tool knowledge to their children.

Dads can and will show their kids the perfect tool for any project, and they don’t hold back when it comes to safety lessons. At Gutterworks, we agree that this component is vital. Check out our blog about Ladder Safety!

Finally, don’t worry if you don’t have the right tool for the job; Dad has you covered! Dads are always ready to lend a hand (and their tools) if you have home improvement projects that he thinks he can help you tackle.

2.) Home improvement

As kids grow up and more capable, dads can bond with them by letting them lend a hand during home repair and maintenance projects. There aren’t many ways to learn better than by doing, and dads make pretty great teachers! Different dads excel at different projects. Some are great painters while some can build just about anything with some lumber and a hammer and nails.

No matter which skill dad masters, he is willing to show his kids the ropes when they’re ready and eager to gain an extra set of hands.

3.) Landscaping and yard work

If your dad is a “yard dad” (and many are), you’re sure to know the ins and outs of yard maintenance and landscaping. Your dad likely mowed the lawn on a strict schedule, making sure the lines were just right. He probably showed you a thing or two about weed prevention and used you as an extra pair of hands when the garden needed harvesting or the flower bed needed weeding.

Every year, he also likely trims trees back to keep them from scraping up against the house or hanging over the roof. He knows exactly when to plant each plant every year to make sure they give the biggest yield and cause the least amount of fuss. He reminds you to detach the garden hose when the weather turns cold so your pipes don’t freeze. Dad is the expert at all things outdoors, and listening to him always pays off!

4.) Knowing your limits

Folks joke about dads that frequently get out of their depth when it comes to home improvement. The proverbial plumbing fix-it jobs gone wrong come to mind. Think: water spraying out from under the sink and Dad with a wrench getting drenched in front of it. One of the wisest pieces of advice a dad can give is that we can’t do everything ourselves even when they don’t always follow that advice.

Certain jobs are best left to those with expertise in the area. At Gutterworks, we have seen some gutter DIY disasters that homeowners likely regret, but if they had contacted our experts first, they would have discovered that their issues only required a cheap and easy fix!

5.) Financial responsibility

Financial responsibility lessons are one area dads have locked down. They know through experience how to spend money in the smartest way, with the biggest payoff in the long run.

Sometimes it can seem like the cheapest fix is the smartest fix – and sometimes it is! But a dad knows that saving a buck or two right now may not translate into long-term savings down the road. This is another area to rely on an expert to assess your best move. At Gutterworks, we pride ourselves on being able to advise homeowners on the smartest financial moves for the long term.

When it comes to home repair and questions about how you can tackle certain projects, your dad might be your first phone call. If your questions are about gutters, though, follow your dad’s wisest advice and leave it to the experts.

Our skilled experts can help with anything from a detailed inspection to the installation of gutter guards or a whole new set of gutters. Call us for your gutter needs at (304) 848-9870. Until then, we’ll leave you with this awful dad joke:

How much did your gutters cost?

Nothing! They were on the house!


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